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Shes often seen as his kryptonite Leon becomes pretty badass after RE2 but Ada excels in manipulating him into helping her get what she wants but shes also there to help him out whenever hes in a bind. The year is 2007.

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This is what could-have happened directly after Ada and Leons first meeting in Resident Evil 4.

Leon and ada. In 2011 Leon and Ada meet during a mission in the Eastern Slava Republic where Leon was reportedly sent as a soldier to stop the use of Biological Weapons in the civil war while Ada would infiltrate posing as a BSAA Agent also wanting to find out information about the Weapons Biological BOWs. Kennedy being the only uninfected survivor left. When circumstances threw the two together Ada hid the nature of her activities while using Leon.

I mean come on the womans been dead for six years. Ada cares for leon maybe more than anyone else in her life. Ada is primarily armed with a crossbow uses a grapple gun and is aided by or using Leon and his new partner Helena Harper.

When Claire Redfield realised that Leon Kennedy only had eyes for Ada Wong she was determined to forget about her feelings for Leon. When the footsteps got closer Leon stopped running and pointed his gun at the person he stopped running and held up his hands. Green_Puff 8 years ago 3.

The campaign incorporates boss battles against Helenas C-virus infected sister Deborah and the mutated Simmons from Leons campaign as well as a boss fight unique to Ada. The two of them decide to work together. Leon and Ada are an unofficial couple Leon is to be blunt head over heels for her and in recent instalments 6 and now the re2make Ada has been heavily implied to care about him as well.

BUY RESIDENT EVIL 2 HERE. But i see her as this majestic wolf who cares but chooses to be alone. This is a set of presets for COtR–this time my attempts at creating Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil series I primarily based Leon off of his Resident Evil 6 model and blended him with the stubbled more mature-looking goodness of his Vendetta model.

Kennedy is on a trip to Paris France with Vice President Adam Benford when word reaches them that Ada Wong has been spotted in the City of Lights. See more ideas about resident evil resident evil leon leon s kennedy. Jun 4 2021 – The one and only true pairing.

On Tuesday 29 September Wong made her way into the police station in search of Bertolucci finding the building to have fallen to the Zombies with rookie police officer Leon S. Ada says shes in search for her boyfriend John so she says and of course Leon is trying to get the hell out of the city. Leon loves her and I bet he had to do everything to keep himself from just doing her right then and there.

Ada was in the city carrying out a mission for a rival company to the Umbrella Corporation. Httpsamznto2N8nkd0You can support us by becoming a member here. By the way when are we going to carry on from where we left off that night Ada Wong RE.

Leon and Ada encounter a reporter name Ben. Then suddenly he heard the faint sound of footsteps running towards his and Adas direction. Avoiding Leons calls and texts completely Claire threw herself into a new relationship with Piers Nivans hoping that Leon would finally leave her alone.

Leon glazed behind him Ada was taking down BOWs one by one while trying to keep up with him. Enters Resident Evil 2 Leon and Ada meet for the first time. Ada first encountered Leon Kennedy during the Raccoon City Incident in 1998 when Leon was a callow rookie police officer trying desperately to escape from the nightmare that had enveloped Raccoon City.

This video shows all the scenes where Leon S Kennedy and Ada Wong helped and saved themselves all their love and flirt scenes and meeting in Resident Evil. The pair may be a bit OOC as Ive never played them outside of my Highschool fic. To protect her mission Wong used a cover for her mission.

Leon has committment problems so he has deluded himself into thinking Ada is the perfect woman for him since she is un-obtainable unlike Claire Ashley or Helena.

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